Our Mission

Ahoy, mateys! Cap’n Jim here. Men’s facial hair be tendin’ to gray faster than the hair on our roguishly handsome heads. Argh! (That be not a righteous ARR! mind ye, but a shout of dismay.) I’m sure there be some scientific explanation for this, but here be what the Cap’n knows about it: it sucks. Assuredly I don’t want to be lookin’ like that scurvy ol’ seadog Greybeard himself. I be havin’ some gray in my hair, sure, but there be serious full-on WHITE in me beard, mustache and sideburns. Shiver me timbers!

Most of us proud scalawags are not really aware how much older our gray facial hair be makin’ us look; or we be deludin’ ourselves into thinking that it looks “distinguished” and we be all shipshape. Besides, the gray creeps up on us pirates slowly indeed, so what at first be no big deal suddenly becomes, “Ahoy, Grampa!” Again, I say, argh!

I hope ye all love Blackbeard for Men as much as I do. There be a new gray beard solution in town. Arrr! Get Your Beard On!

Cap’n Jim Founder, Blackbeard for Men
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